As of late 2023, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplaces are witnessing a significant trend involving increased brand engagement. Major global brands across various sectors, from luxury fashion to sports and entertainment, are entering the NFT space, leveraging this technology to create unique digital experiences and connect with their audiences in innovative ways.

This surge in brand engagement is driven by the recognition of NFTs as a powerful tool for marketing and customer engagement. Brands are using NFTs to offer exclusive digital content, special access to events or products, and to foster a sense of community among their customers. Notably, there’s a growing focus on integrating NFTs with physical products, blurring the lines between the digital and physical realms and providing a more holistic brand experience.

One such groundbreaking application making waves in this space is Setter, a New York-based Web3 consumer app. Recently, Setter has caught the eye of investors and tech enthusiasts alike, having raised an impressive $5 million in a seed round led by the renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

Unique Selling Points (USPs) of Setter

Simplifying Web3 for the Masses

One of the most significant USPs of Setter is its user-friendly interface, which resembles a Web2 app. This design choice is intentional and crucial, as it aims to reduce the complexity often associated with current wallet technologies. By offering a platform that feels familiar yet operates as a full-blown smart contract wallet, Setter is making the entry into the world of Web3 more seamless and accessible for everyday users.

Exclusive Product Promotions and Limited Edition Drops

Setter is innovatively leveraging Web3 to transform how brands promote exclusive products. The app specializes in offering limited edition drops, a strategy that has become increasingly popular among streetwear and sneaker brands. This approach not only creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency but also taps into the growing trend of digital collectibles and NFTs.

Focus on Streetwear and Sneaker Brands

Initially, Setter is focusing on partnerships with streetwear and sneaker brands. This niche selection is strategic, considering the massive following and the culture surrounding these industries. By targeting these sectors, Setter positions itself at the intersection of technology and popular culture, appealing to a young, tech-savvy audience.

Expansion Plans

Setter’s vision goes beyond streetwear and sneakers. The app plans to expand its reach across various sectors, including fashion, luxury items, and consumer collectibles. This expansion strategy indicates Setter’s ambition to become a key player in the Web3 space, offering diverse opportunities for brands and consumers alike.

Current Traction on the Application

Setter has already started making significant strides in the Web3 space. While specific user metrics and engagement statistics are not publicly available as of now, the successful seed funding round and the interest from notable investors suggest a promising start. The backing from firms like Marcy Ventures Partners, Superlayer, Thirty-Five Ventures, and personalities like Serena Williams adds credibility and indicates strong market potential.

The Founders of Setter

The brains behind Setter are a group of individuals with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. While specific details about the founders are not extensively publicized, it is evident that they bring together a mix of expertise in technology, fashion, and digital marketing. This combination of skills is crucial for an app like Setter, which sits at the crossroads of these industries.

The founders’ vision to bridge the gap between traditional consumer experiences and the new possibilities offered by Web3 technology is the driving force behind Setter. Their ability to foresee and capitalize on the intersection of tech and consumer trends is a testament to their foresight and entrepreneurial acumen.


Setter is not just another app; it’s a pioneer in the Web3 space, aiming to redefine how brands interact with their consumers. Its user-friendly approach, combined with the focus on exclusive product promotions, positions it uniquely in the market. As Setter continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see how it shapes the future of brand promotions and consumer engagement in the Web3 era. With its innovative approach and strong backing, Setter is undoubtedly a name to watch out for in the tech world.

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